Senator Jake Anderegg has repsented District 13 in the Utah State Senate since 2017, and previously represented District 6 in the Utah House of Representatives from 2013 to 2017.

Currently, he serves as the co-chairman of the state’s Commission on Housing Affordability, where he has worked to implement policies designed to address Utah’s affordable housing shortage. During the 2019 General Session of the Utah Legislature, he sponsored SB34 which implemented new policies on cities to encourage local officials to plan and zone for affordable housing.

In October 2019, Sen. Anderegg unveiled a draft bill that includes a $35 million fiscal note designed to address Utah’s affordable housing crisis.

Sen. Anderegg has a long history of public service, beginning in 2002 when he ran as a delegate in his local precinct for the Republican Party. He has served as a County and State delegate multiple times and as the Precinct Chair and Vice Chair.

He and his wife have five children, two of which were adopted from China.

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