Cate is a Senior User Experience Designer at Fidelity Investments, in downtown Salt Lake City.

Cate works to create simple, predictable, and inclusive experiences for both Fidelity Investments customers and employees. Starting in 2014 as a front-line employee working directly with customers, Cate has held technology roles across the firm’s business units. Always passionate about the end user, they quickly channeled their empathy for human experiences into user experience design.

In addition to their design work, they are actively involved in a number of diversity & inclusion initiatives. As a trans non-binary person, they know first-hand the importance for corporations to truly know and understand their customers. Cate serves as the Global Co-Chair for Fidelity Pride, an employee resource group, and is constantly advocating for all LGBTQ+ customers and employees through Fidelity Investments business case initiatives, education, dialogue, and visibility.

Prior to Fidelity, Cate worked for several non-profit organizations specializing in conflict resolution at both macro and micro levels. They graduated from Brigham Young University with a degree in Middle Eastern Studies Arabic and lived in both Egypt and Jordan.

Originally from Boston, Cate is now in Salt Lake City Utah, and fills the Atlantic Ocean’s void with the Wasatch Mountains.

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